The Garden Meals Ministry serves families and individuals in times of need…after the birth of a baby…after surgery or hospitalization…or the passing of a loved one. The purpose is to help someone by providing a ready-made meal.

It is an incredible blessing to see a friendly face and receive a meal. We provide a complete meal and deliver it to the recipient. The meal can be store bought, homemade, frozen, take out from your favorite restaurant or just about anything! The meal does not have to be fancy or gourmet. We attempt to accommodate allergies and food preferences. We strive to work out a schedule that benefits the recipient the most while working with the schedule of the volunteers.

All coordination is started by email and our Women’s Ministry Team will send out an email with the details of the need. All meals should be delivered in disposable containers to reduce the impact of washing and returning dishes for the family in need.

Contact Meals Ministry by email at if you would like to be part of The Garden Meals Ministry or if you know of or have a need for meals.