Garden Kids Discipleship Wednesdays | 6:30pm

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God has firmly planted in the Garden Kids leadership team the importance of discipleship for the next generation to lead the way. Your child will follow "trails" that lead to Bible knowledge, godly character and Christlike conduct.

Our Bible study curriculum, DiscipleLand,  was created to make disciples. It is based on a children's discipleship system that features sequential learning and helps kids reach their full potential as disciples of Jesus Christ. DiscipleLand SUMMIT will help your children become dynamic disciples who:

  • Develop a reservoir of KNOWLEDGE based on a Biblical worldview.

  • Display Christlike CHARACTER in every area of life.

  • Demonstrate faithful CONDUCT that honors God and helps people.

Engaging Bible stories... inspiring role models... fun activities... memory verses... these are components found in most children's Bible curricula today. They are a vital part of DiscipleLand, too.

So what makes DiscipleLand SUMMIT different? Why is DiscipleLand distinct from other curriculum choices? DiscipleLand resources are indeed fundamentally different.

Teaches More Bible  Knowledge is best learned in a systematic, precept-upon-precept way. Other children's curricula contain a serious "overlap" problem—some stories are repeated so frequently that kids complain, "We've heard that before!" DiscipleLand SUMMIT offers solid, content-based Bible lessons—with no repeats! Every lesson introduces a new Bible story or passage. 

Other curricula also suffer from a serious "underlap" problem—most of the Bible is untouched and neglected! In SUMMIT, children study complete sections of God's Word. In addition, SUMMIT features a clear salvation presentation. We believe God gave the Church the whole Bible to read, to study, and to teach our children.

Lays a Solid Theological Foundation  SUMMIT comes from Through the Bible Publishers, an established evangelical publishing company.

Equips Kids for Service  SUMMIT curriculum encourages children to grow intellectually, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually. Kids develop DiscipleSkills that prepare them to influence their world for Christ, implementing their faith in every aspect of daily living.

Engages Kids' Interest  World-class artists and graphic designers have combined their talents to provide state-of-the-art visuals. Biblical images from a library of over 5,000 Bible paintings give SUMMIT a unique look that enables children to see Bible characters in realistic scenes and settings.

Connects to the Home  DiscipleLand SUMMIT encourages kids to consistently practice Biblical principles in the home. Every quarter, parents receive an informational email giving them ways to involve themselves with what their children are learning. Unique resources such as the SUMMIT Discipleship Guidebooks bridge the classroom to the home, making the discipleship journey a 24/7 experience!


Please know that we pray for your children and your family daily. We provide prayer journals at each service for your children to keep on site so that your child can begin to not only pray but document their prayers to take with them into their upper youth and adult ministries as well!